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10 March 2017Explore

Hidden away in the scenic North-West of the United States is one of the best motoring roads you’ll find anywhere: Beartooth Highway. An 110km (68 miles) stretch of the All-American US Route 212, winding its way trough the Montana and Wyoming mountains.

Twin lakes

Leading from Cooke city to Red Lodge, Beartooth Highway has served motorist for eighty years. On the edge of the Yellowstone National Park, on the border between Montana and Wyoming.

Between the Colter Pass in the west and Beartooth Pass in the east, the road leads through the hills of the Shoshone National Forest. An ancient woodland protected under the Yellowstone Timberland Reserve. Along the route, there are many lakes, creeks, rapids and falls. A piece of true American wilderness.

Beartooth Highway map

Beside motoring the long winding roads, fishing, hiking, and skiing are popular activities in the area. Combining them could provide the trip of a lifetime.

Pinlock Helmet ventilation

During winter, the road is closed to ensure the safety of all riders. The route usually opens from May trough to October, if the weather allows. Keep an eye on the weather reports, as the road may close in the event of bad weather, even during summer. This year the road will officially open in the last week of May.

Beartooth bike

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Beartooth Lewis Falls


1. Take your time to see the route, even if you don’t stop for the amazing views or one of the points of interest.

2. Plan ahead. Beartooth Highway is known for strong winds and harsh weather. Keep an eye on the weather report and wait for fair weather. It is worth the wait.

3. There are many campsites in the area, why not stay a night? Fees for campsites range $10 to $20 per night.

4. If you aren’t from the area of from an entirely different part of the world, you can always rent a motorbike from one of the many rental shops in Southern Montana or Northern Wyoming.



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