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When fog occurs on your Pinlock® lens, please follow these steps to make sure the performance of the Pinlock® lens is at its best.



The Pinlock® lens should form an airtight seal with the visor. You can inspect the sealing of your lens by looking at the contact patch of the silicon seal from the outside of the helmet visor. The contact patch should appear as a thin dark line. If the line is interrupted, the seal is not optimal. If your Pinlock® lens is not in optimal contact with the inside of the visor, moisture can build up between the Pinlock® lens and the visor. To tighten your Pinlock® lens, you can turn the pins on your visor until the indicator (little arrows) on the pins are pointing  more inwards. This will restore the airtight seal to the visor and increase the performance of the Pinlock® lens. The Pinlock® lens will require periodic maintenance. Depending on your use and the conditions, the tightening and cleaning of the lens will be required once in a while. More information about the adjustment of the pins can be found here.



When riding with the Pinlock® lens, it is essential to use your helmet ventilation. This allows the Pinlock® lens to release the moisture it has absorbed and prevents the lens from saturating.
Keep in mind that reducing the helmet ventilation with for instance a whisper kit, will affect the performance of the Pinlock® lens. In the winter it might be tempting to close the helmet ventilation because of the cold. We would advise to keep it open and use a balaclava to stay warm instead.


Cleaning the lens

Just like any other clear surfaces, it is quite common to get smudges and dust particles on the Pinlock® lens. However, cleaning the Pinlock® lens is really easy. You can use a microfiber cloth to wipe it clean. Just be sure to clean the Pinlock® lens carefully as it is less scratch resistant than the visor. Do not use any cleaning products, soap or water repelling products on your Pinlock® lens, this will lower the performance. Pinlock also offers specialised cleaning products, you can find them in our shop.