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Grab the tab of the Pinlock® earplug between two fingers. Then pull your ear backwards with one hand while placing the Pinlock® earplugs inside your ear with your other hand.

It is important that your Pinlock® earplugs feel comfortable. When the earplugs go too deep in the ear canal, the earplugs are too small and you need a larger size. When the Pinlock® Earplug protrudes too far, the earplug is too big and you need a smaller size. To check if the Pinlock® earplugs are fitted correctly, we have added three ways to do this.

Option 1: Speak

Say something out loud while wearing both earplugs. When you hear your voice from ‘within’, you have positioned your earplugs correct. Your earplugs provide sufficient attenuation.

Option 2: Tap

Gently tap the ear or to the tragus of the ear. Your earplugs have the right fit for your ears when you hear the so-called ‘bass drum effect’.

Option 3: Listen

The third and final test is to listen with both earplugs in your ears. Do you experience a clean sound in your ears together with some proper attenuation? Does any outside noise enter the ears? When you hear a clean sound and proper attenuation, you can be sure that you wear your earplugs correctly.


To remove the Pinlock® earplugs, grab the tab of the earplugs between two fingers and pull out the Pinlock® earplugs.

The installation process is shown in the video below: