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Pinlock has been collaborating with Shiro helmets by supplying its world renown fog resistant insert lenses for Shiro’s wide range of motorcycle helmets. Pinlock offers a wide selection of fog resistant insert lenses for Shiro helmets. The range of Pinlock Shiro insert lens options includes the Pinlock 30 and 70 performance level lenses.


Pinlock offers 3 different performance levels for its insert lenses to combat fog during challenging climate conditions to ensure your safety and comfort. For AGV Helmets the Pinlock 70 is available.


Shiro Helmets SA was born with the firm intention of becoming an international benchmark.
Its founder Mr. Juan Tomás Rojo, developed helmets for other companies since 1964, his extensive experience in the sector led him to create his own brand 25 years ago.
For more than 15 years the entire production was concentrated in the factory in Spain, reaching a workforce of 150 workers. In 2000, a new commercial approach offered the company the opportunity to begin its international expansion, positioning itself in more than 14 countries. Currently, Shiro Helmets is represented in more than 68 countries with sponsoring alliances with prestigious brands.